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Welcome To The Town Of Buffalo 










As previously stated in a post, a town board has only those powers that are conferred by statute. The applicable statutes begin in Sec.60 of the State of Wisconsin Statutes.I have summarized the general powers and duties directives from ss.60 that relate specifically to the Town of Buffalo Town Board:

1.   Has charge of the affairs of the town not committed by law to another body.

 2.   Has charge of any action or legal proceeding to which the town is a party.  

 3.   Shall determine the jurisdiction and duties of the town constable. 

 4.   Must demand payment and collect penalities, forfitures and damages due to the town.  

 5.   Cooperate with state, counties and local units of govt in joint projects.  

 6.   Cooperate with the county in rural planning.  

  7.   Appropriate money for conservation of natural resources.                                                            

  8.   Regulate amusement devises in commercial facilities.                                                                

10.   Authorize treasurer to exchange credit from delinquent taxes for county owned land.              

11.    Appropriate money for membership in an association of towns.

12.    Provide for cemeteries.    

13.    Name, or change name of, town streets (with approval of county zoning dept.)  

14.    Dispose of dead animals on town property-allows for special charge to owner.  

15.    Enact ordinances prohibiting criminal conduct as per state criminal code.  

16.    Enact ordinances related to regulation of dogs running at large.  

17.     Adopt or amend a master land use comprehensive plan.    




The town anticipates heavier use of the park/ball field this summer and some work is needed in preparation:


1.  We have decided that power-wash/scrape and paint the wood bleachers is the better option. We need to willing hands to do this.


2.  Have a tiller? we would like to till the playground sand as a temporary fix for weeds and grass. We continue to explore the replacement of the sand but that is likely at least another year away.


If you can help out, contact Claire Waters 608.687.8419 or Steve James 608.687.7591.





There is a scheduled TOTAL CLOSURE of Highway 35/54 July 11 to July 25 at the railroad crossing.

A detour route using Hwys 95 & 93 via Arcadia is being announced.

Note the dates change fro original announcement.

The closure dates are subject to change by the railroad.


The TOB Town Hall is again available for rental purposes, depending on dates and with certain conditions, limitations applied. Contact Claire Waters for availability and details. 


Occasionaly, there is an issue or announcement related to town business that seems to rise to the need to make contact with as many citizens as possible. One timely way to do this is through email contact. If you are not on the town's contact email list and would like to be, please contact [email protected]  This is used for emergency/important town business ONLY.


NOTICE: Today (6/23/22,) we were notified that we did not receive approval of the Broadband grant application.  We have few details except that our application was ranked 75th and the first 70 applications were awarded. While a serious disappointment, this does not end the Broadband Project pursuit as additional funds are expected to be released in the near future.  




































Guess what?  Have a reunion, birthday party, graduation or just a plain ole family gathering? Are you aware the town hall is available for rent?

Full kitchen, RR facilities, air conditioning, plenty of tables & chairs, use of park.  Special rate for multiple days

Contact Claire Waters at 687-8419 for details.

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