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Welcome To The Town Of Buffalo 


THE ABCs OF TOWN GOVERNMENT                                                                                        February 2024 #39   Fire Protection                                                                        

Periodically, a Town of Buffalo Supervisor is asked something similar to this; "We live  closer to Dodge than Ft City, wouldn't our home insurance be cheaper if fire protection was provided by Dodge?"  The fact is all residents in the Town of Buffalo have fire protection services from all area departments (Ft City, Winona, Dodge & Arcadia) because of a Mutual Aid Box Alert System (MABAS).  The Town of Buffalo is one of four muncipalities (City of Ft. City, Towns of Buffalo, Cross and Milton) that comprise the Ft City Fire Protection Public Safety Association providing primary coverage. When a fire call comes in to Buffalo County dispatch, that call is shared with all departments in the MABAS agreement. If the event location is closer to a specfic department or greater than 10 miles from Ft City, the alert is "FULL" and first coverage needed from a unit other than Ft. City. Winona is specifically designated for "jaws of life."  The Insurance Service Office (ISO) makes sure that insurance companies are aware of the MABAS agreement.




The Town of Buffalo is planning to work with The Stone Soup Alliance, Inc.,a local 501C3 organization to start a farmer's market in the Town of Buffalo park. Currently, the plan is to have a Thursday evening market from 4-7pm with food vendors, produce, meat and egg farmers, cottage bakers, and local artisans.

For 2024, there will not be a vendor fee as they work to grow the market. For a vendor application or more information, please contact Jennifer Monsos at [email protected] or leave a message for her at 608.860.2389.

If there is interest in meeting to discuss the market please let Jennifer know and she can work on scheduling it. We are hopeful the market will bring the community together and allow our local food growers, makers, and artisans to share their products with a larger audience.


The TOB Town Hall is again available for rental purposes, depending on dates and with certain conditions, limitations applied. Contact Claire Waters for availability and details. SPECIAL NOTE: During the month of February contact Steve James rather than Claire.


Occasionaly, there is an issue or announcement related to town business that seems to rise to the need to make contact with as many citizens as possible. One timely way to do this is through email contact. If you are not on the town's contact email list and would like to be, please contact [email protected].  This is used for emergency/important town business ONLY.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  In October, the TOB Board Supervisors received notice that Buffalo County Health & Human Services invited all public parks in Buffalo County to apply for up to $10,000 for improvement of the park especially in regard to more access, safety, etc.  The TOB Board reviewed the needs of our park and submitted an application that included a new drinking and bottle filling station, a new iron filter system, repair of some playground equipment, replacement of sand base in the playground and replacement of the wood bleachers. We anticipate hearing in late November or early December if any or all of these projects have been approved for funding.

UPDATE:  On 2/9/24, we were informed by Buffalo County that our proposal for park improvements had been approved for an amount up to $10,000.  The award specifies which of the proposed projects have been approved and the alotted amount for each. The details will be shared here at a later date. For now consider this GOOD NEWS as it means some improvements to our park are made possible!
































Guess what?  Have a reunion, birthday party, graduation or just a plain ole family gathering? Are you aware the town hall is available for rent?

Full kitchen, RR facilities, air conditioning, plenty of tables & chairs, use of park.  Special rate for multiple days

Contact Claire Waters at 687-8419 for details.

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