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Welcome to the Town of Buffalo


Occasionaly, there is an issue or announcement related to town business that seems to rise to the need to make contact with as many citizens as possible. One timely way to do this is through email contact. If you are not on the town's contact email list and would like to be, please contact [email protected]  This is used for emergency/important town business ONLY.


Thanks to CAPX funds commissioned by the CAPX Advisory Committee, our Town Hall area (inside & outside) and the park area are now monitored by motion sensing cameras. This is for the safety and security of our citizens who utilize the hall and park.  Images are only viewed in the event of an activity or event which needs to be revisited such as vandelism, injury, etc.  The cameras have already helped resolve two issues that otherwise we would have had no clue as to what took place.


UPDATE ON FLOOD DAMAGE:  Following the July 2017 storm, the Town of Buffalo submitted a flood damage report that included 13 specific projects that needed to be addressed with maintenance or repair.  Following notification that Buffalo County was granted disaster status by state and federal authorities, application was made to FEMA for funding assistance. As of the end of October, 2019 (27 months post flooding), FEMA has approved a reimbursement of $105,728 and the State an additional $17,621 plus $6,167 for administration costs. This is a total of $129,516 Fed/State reimbursement related to the flooding project. Our adjusted estimate for the total cost of the project (actual to date plus projected misc. costs) is $161,455 so Fed/State reimbursement will be 80% of actual cost of the storm related project.


Rental use of the town hall facility has increased significantly this year. Available dates (especially on weekends) are filling up several months in advance. If you are considering use of the hall please contact Claire Waters well in advance for open availability.


The park restrooms are now closed for the season.


Please note that the water at the town hall and the park has been tested by the county as per requirement and deemed biologically safe to drink. Specifc details of the testing and results have been posted at both sites.


We have been told that Town of Buffalo residents have started to receive new address/fire signs and posts (current red replaced with blue flag style)  If you want to keep the old sign put a piece of duct (or similar) tape around the post and the installers will leave it rather than haul off site. All signs will be replaced and those hauled away will temporarily be kept at the recycle site. 


The new signage (sign,post,brackets and install) cost approximately $40 each. Buffalo County is paying one-half and Town of Buffalo (using CAPX funds) is paying one-half so residents will have no fee assessment for the replacement signs.  Residents are responsible for care and maintenance of the signs.


The construction work underway on Hwy 35/54 is the development of the Flyway Trail (Bike trail) Phase I from Winona bridge to Buffalo Park entrance. Work on the trail will continue as long as possible into the Winter season (they have permission to do concrete work all Winter) with a completion date in June.  It will be a gravel trail open only to bikes and hikers. Phase II will extend the trail from the park entrance to Trempealeau F&W entrance with no date fixed for that.


On 10/22, the Town of Buffalo Board accepted resolutions that initiate alteration of two town roads. Town road 27 will be altered with a change of name to Gin Mill Lane and Town road 39 will be discontinued (vacated) as a town road. Public hearing for these changes is set for December 17, 6:30 P.M. at the town hall.






























Guess what?  Have a reunion, birthday party, graduation or just a plain ole family gathering? Are you aware the town hall is available for rent?

Full kitchen, RR facilities, air conditioning, plenty of tables & chairs, use of park.  Special rate for multiple days

Contact Claire Waters at 687-8419 for details.

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