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Welcome to the Town of Buffalo



The TOB Board has decided to fly our US flag 24/7 rather than only on election days and special occasions.  This requires an all-weather flag, illumination device, and security equipment. This project is being done in remembrance of our friend, neighbor, and co-worker,

Joseph L. Wantoch

Due to the passing of Joe Wantoch, the constable position in the town is now vacant. This is an elected position and will be up for election in April 2017. As of now, the board has decided to leave the position vacant until the February 2017 caucus when candidates will be considered.


On election day, Nov. 8, as you exit the voting location, you will be offered an opportunity to provide the town with a primary email address (if you have one, of course) in order that the Buffalo Town Board can contact you in the event of emergencies, business notices and special occasions. This will be the ONLY use of the email address provided.  We are hopeful you will cooperate with us in seeking to improve our communication to local residents.


Tuesday, Nov. 8 is an important day to exercise your privilege to vote. Several have asked about an absentee ballot. Three very important concerns if you need/want to vote absentee:

1.  Start the process early. Consider the month of Oct. as the timeframe for completing the application for an absentee ballot, receiving the ballot, and returning it to the polling place no later than 8 P.M. on Nov. 8th.

2.  Be sure you are a registered voter.  If voting on Nov. 8, you can register that day. If by absentee ballot, you can send in a registration form with your application for an absentee ballot.

3.  A photo ID is required to vote in Wisconsin.  A copy of ID should be included with the request for absentee ballot.

To obtain the necessary materials for registration and/or request for absentee ballot, call the TOB Clerk or TOB Chairman or go online to, in "Resources" menu click on "forms" and find:

Form EL-131 Registration

Form EL-121 Application for absentee ballo

Complete and send to:

Town Of Buffalo, W394 Bluff Siding, Ft. City, WI  54629














Guess what?  Have a reunion, birthday party, graduation or just a plain ole family gathering? Are you aware the town hall is available for rent?

Full kitchen, RR facilities, air conditioning, plenty of tables & chairs, use of park.  Special rate for multiple days

Contact Claire Waters at 687-8419 for details.

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Calendar of Events

Oct 22, 2016, Sat 08:00am
Nov 19, 2016, Sat 08:00am
Nov 26, 2016, Sat 08:00am